Revolutionizing the creative economy

Flanr is a legal technology company using the power of third-generation blockchain contracts to develop new economic models for valuing creative work. By harnessing the scalability, interoperability, and sustainability of the Cardano network, we’re putting power back in the hands of creators and those who appreciate their work.

Abstract Artwork

Flanr develops legal safeguards and commercial platforms for emerging blockchain networks. We believe that blockchain offers an opportunity to rethink the terms of creative exchange.

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We take inspiration from the concept of the flaneur, which represents the embodiment of decentralized, autonomous aesthetic engagement. We think it is the perfect metaphor for what a blockchain-empowered creative economy can be. We are committed to the idea that everyone—creators and consumers alike—should be free to express and explore. The creative economy is fundamentally an economy of attention and it deserves to be as diverse, democratic, and free from exploitation as we can make it.

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The Team

Sherown Campbell

Sherown Campbell

Chief Blockchain Officer
James Haskins

James Haskins

Chief Executive Officer
Juan Portillo

Juan Portillo

Chief Operations Officer
Ian Strouse

Ian Strouse

Chief Technology Officer

Our core team brings decades of technical, blockchain, and operational experience to this effort. We are veteran entrepreneurs who have spent the last four years building legal tech solutions together. We share a passion for using technology to make our world more just, more inclusive, and more humane.

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What are we building?

Legal Solutions

Reward content creators

Develop new models of securitizing creative revue and financing creative work

Advocate for regulatory changes that reward, rather than exploit, creators

Commercial Platforms

Bring together creators and consumers

Show off your originality—as a creator, a consumer, or both

Share and discover new creative work


Peer-to-peer transactions

Eliminate gate-keepers and taste-makers



Revolutionizing the Erotic Economy

SLFEX utilizes Flanr's technology to create a platform that emphasizes the importance of sex positivity, sex worker rights, and education to offer a unique erotic content experience.

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